Call for Nominations of CWSS-SCM Awards

Applications for all CWSS/SCM awards are to include a recent photograph and a brief biography of the candidate.

CWSS-SCM Outstanding Industry Member


Industry members comprise a significant part of the CWSS-SCM membership. Their contribution has been and will continue to be of great importance to the Society. Their interaction with members from the academic and public sectors is paramount to the well being of the weed science discipline.


To recognize excellent leadership and contributions to weed management in Canada by CWSS-SCM members.


Members eligible for the award must be active within CWSS-SCM and be employed by private industry or be self-employed at the time of nomination. The nominee must be actively engaged in weed science activities and weed science should have been a major component the nominee’s activity and responsibility during his/her career. A CWSS-SCM Outstanding Industry Member award will not necessarily be awarded every year.


The nominator will complete the nomination document and contact individuals to provide supporting letters. Three supporting letters are required (of which at least two should be from CWSS-SCM members). Supporting letters must be in 12 point font and no longer than two typewritten 8 . by 11 pages. The nominator is also responsible for a document, supporting the nominee, which should be limited to 1000 words. The nominator may obtain statistical information and biographical data from the nominee. The nominator is not required to be a member of CWSS-SCM. The nomination will stand for three years. The nominator is encouraged to update support material in the 2nd and 3rd year of nomination.

The nomination package must include:

  1. Name and address of nominee
  2. A recent photograph
  3. A brief biography of the candidate
  4. Education
  5. Work experience
  6. Professional and scientific affiliations detailing membership, offices held and committee work with particular emphasis on contributions to CWSS-SCM
  7. Honours, awards and invited presentations
  8. Significant professional accomplishments, including: products developed, processes developed, patents, publications, books, bulletins, brochures, etc., internal reports
  9. Letters of support (3, including 2 from CWSS-SCM members) and supporting document by nominator
  10. Coordinates of nominator
  11. Names of two individuals (managers, supervisors, etc.) whom the nominee would like to have informed if he/she is granted the award

Excellence in Weed Science Award


To recognize excellence among active scientists, educators, regulatory and extension personnel in the area of weed science in Canada. Their contributions must be judged to have had a major impact on weed science or the agricultural industry in Canada.




Individuals involved in any aspect of weed research, teaching, extension or regulation may be nominated. Nominees should have been active in weed science in Canada for a minimum of 10 years. A Corteva Excellence in Weed Science award will not necessarily be awarded every year.


Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of their contributions to Canadian agriculture as described in the nomination documents that should include:

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. A recent photograph
  3. A brief biography of the candidate
  4. Address
  5. Present Position
  6. Employment Record
  7. Academic Credentials
  8. Contributions to Weed Science and/or Agriculture in research, teaching, extension, leadership, policy, and administration
  9. Letters of support from three individuals qualified to evaluate the nominee’s contributions. Additional pertinent information should be included in an Appendix


May be submitted by any member of the CWSS-SCM. The nomination will stand for 3 years. The nominators are encouraged to update material in support of their nominees in the 2nd and 3rd year of nomination.

CWSS/SCM Outstanding Professional Staff Award


This award recognizes outstanding and sustained contributions of professional staff that support weed science activities.


To recognize the contributions of CWSS-SCM Professional Staff members that support weed science activities and contribute to the success of CWSS-SCM.


Nominees will be restricted to professional staff that work under the direction of university, provincial, federal, or industry scientists. These individuals may have titles such as researcher, research associate, research assistant, technician, support scientist, or specialist. The nominee must have been involved in weed science research, extension, or resident education for at least 10 years at the time of nomination.

Sponsor:Canadian Science Publishing, prize of $1000


May be submitted by any member of CWSS-SCM. The nomination will stand for 3 years. The nominator is encouraged to update material to support the nomination in Years 2 and 3. The nominator will complete the nomination document and contact individuals to provide supporting letters.

The nomination package should be less than 2 pages in length and must include:

  1. Name of nominee, complete mailing address, and telephone number.
  2. Provide name, title, complete address, telephone number of nominator.
  3. A brief biography of the nominee, including:
    1. Education
    2. Work experience: Years of service is an important criteria for the selection committee.
  4. A concise summary of how the nominee has contributed to the success of a program. Specific examples that illustrate the consistency, creativity, leadership, resourcefulness, and commitment to their position and program is desirable.
  5. Participation and contributions to the CWSS-SCM, if any. Membership in CWSS-SCM is an asset, but not required.
  6. Supplemental information on scientific output (refereed journal articles, book chapters, research reports, extension material, patents, etc.) is not required, but may be included.
  7. Letters of support: Obtain one supporting letter for the nominee. Preferably these letters should not exceed one page in length. A supporting letter from a different discipline, i.e.: faculty member or co-worker, individual not employed at same location, industry representative, university, government, or regulatory individual is preferred, but not required.



To honour members of CWSS-SCM who have made outstanding contributions to weed science and to the CWSS-SCM throughout their careers.


Must be active members of CWSS-SCM and may nominate only one candidate per year.


Nominees for Fellow must be active members of the CWSS¬SCM at the time of their nomination and must have been active members for a total of at least 10 years. Normally, nominees will be in the later stages of their careers. Nominees must have made substantial contributions in more than one of the following areas:

  1. Professional responsibilities and publications if applicable in such areas as research, education and/or extension.
  2. Educational contributions other than publications.
  3. Development or improvement of weed science programs, practices or products.
  4. Service to CWSS-SCM.
  5. Service to the profession outside of CWSS-SCM.
  6. Other professional contributions.


Preparation – Obtaining the nominee’s assistance in compiling information is encouraged and will improve the accuracy and completeness of the documentation. Clearly identifying and evaluating the nominee’s contributions to weed science is the most important part of the nomination, because nominations are ranked on this basis. It is the nominator’s responsibility to coordinate the nomination and to assure that it is complete and submitted before the deadline. The nomination packet must be complete before sending to the Chair of the Scholarships and Awards Committee.

Format – Organize the nomination as shown in the enclosed outline. Type the nomination, single-spaced on 8.5 x 11- inch format, in 12 point font.

Format for CWSS-SCM fellow nomination

Title. Entitle the document, Nomination of _______________________________for Election to Fellowship by the CWSS-SCM.

Nominee. Include name, date and place of birth, mailing address (with postal code), telephone and Fax numbers (with area code), and e-mail address (if available).

Nominator. Include your typewritten name and signature, mailing address (with postal code), telephone and fax numbers (with area code), and e-mail address.

Qualifications of Nominee

  1. Degrees received. Give field, date, and institution for each degree.
  2. Honours and Awards. Cite Fellow (or similar) recognition by other scientific societies, titles and awards of merit for exceptional contributions within a company or institution, and distinguished lectureships (invited). This item does not refer to meetings attended, junkets, etc.
  3. Professional positions held in academia and/or industry. Give years, geographical location, company or institution and clearly state nature of his/her work and responsibility.
  4. Where applicable, list refereed publications including books authored and chapters in books in order from earliest to most recent. Give complete title, date, publisher, number of pages.
  5. List major technical publications.
  6. Major Extension and non-technical publications. Cite major extension publications and major non-technical papers, written and indicate career numbers. (These should be publications that had a major impact on the understanding of weed science by user groups or by the general public). Indicate total number of publications.
  7. Educational contributions. List multiple credit courses the candidate has taught in weed science or agriculture and other contributions to teaching such as graduate student supervision.
  8. Extension contributions. Cite exceptional and outstanding programs developed to further weed science. Do not include normal program work; this award is for meritorious service.
  9. Research contributions. Describe in your own words the specific, original ideas from this nominee’s research which has been important to weed science. If the nominee has research responsibilities, for what original research contributions should he/she be honoured?
  10. List contributions the candidate has made to agriculture in other lands.
  11. Professional contributions outside of weed science. List contributions in other scientific fields.
  12. List elected offices or major posts held in CWSS-SCM.
  13. List elected offices or major posts held in other national and international scientific and industry organizations.
  14. Provide a citation of no more than 1 typed (double-spaced, 12 point) suitable for use at the award presentation, assuming a successful nomination.

Evaluation. The Nominator should identify the contributions on which the nomination is based. Explain why the nominee is not only an outstanding professional in his or her organization or region but also a national or international leader with respect to contributions to weed science. Describe particular contributions or accomplishments which qualify the nominee for the award.

Nomination package must also include a recent photograph and a brief biography of the candidate.

Processing of Fellow Nominations

A complete set of all nomination packages for Fellow will be distributed by the Chair of the Scholarships and Awards Committee to each member of the Scholarships and Awards Committee. Each member evaluates and ranks the nominations and returns their ranking to the Chair. Based upon the rankings and further consultation with the committee, if required, the Chair forwards a recommendation to the CWSS-SCM President and Executive Committee for final approval. The successful nominees will be notified by the President of the Society in the month of November, prior to our annual meeting. The newly elected CWSS-SCM Fellow will be honoured at the annual meeting.

CWSS-SCM Presidential Meritorious Service Award


To recognize members of our society who have made a significant contribution and/or provided long-standing service to the betterment of our Society.


The President, in consultation with the Past-President, may confer the Presidential Meritorious Service Award if in his/her opinion, a member of the Society has demonstrated distinguished service. All members of CWSS/SCM are eligible for nomination for this award and may include members retiring from the Society or members leaving for other professional opportunities. The nominee(s) for this award must be approved by the CWSS-SCM executive. Although the award is conferred by the President, CWSS-SCM members are encouraged to recommend deserving candidates to the President. Generally, the award will be limited to 1 recipient each year; however, exceptions can be made with Executive approval. The recipient will receive a plaque.

Excellence in Weed Extension Award


To recognize excellence among active agronomists, scientists, educators, extension personnel or organizations (for example a diagnostic lab) in the area of weed extension or diagnostics. The recipient must clearly demonstrate the extension of weed science through awareness but more importantly adoption and implementation of weed research findings that have had a significant impact at the farm level in Canada.


Individuals or organizations (members or not of the CWSS) who are involved in any aspect of weed extension and/or diagnostics may be nominated. Nominees should have been active in the area of weed extension for a minimum of 5 years.



Nominees will be evaluated on their activities in weed extension. The recipient of the award must have a proven ability to extend weed science research results or do diagnostics that have made a significant impact at the farm level in Canada.

Nomination documents should include the following:

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. Address
  3. Present Position
  4. Employment Record
  5. Academic Credentials
  6. Portfolio of weed extension activities that may include but are not limited to activities such as a) grower presentations, b) one-on-one consultations, c) printed extension articles, d) factsheets, e) diagnostic services and f) web-sites.
  7. Specific examples of the nominee’s success in extending weed science research where it has made a significant impact at the farm level.
  8. Letters of support from at least three individuals who are qualified to assess the nominee’s success in weed extension and diagnostics. This can include research scientists, practicing agronomists but must include one recognized producer or producer organization who can speak to the impact the nominee has had at the farm level.


May be submitted by any member of the CWSS-SCM.


  • Membership fee for one year
  • Registration fee for the annual meeting
  • Travel expenses to come to the annual meeting

*maximum amount of $2000.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science Outstanding Weed Science Paper Award


The Canadian Journal of Plant Science (CJPS) is the CWSS sponsored journal. The establishment of this award will help to encourage the CWSS membership to choose CJPS for publication of their research. This will also help increase our profile within the journal while potentially increasing the quality of the weed science manuscripts that are submitted.


$500 (using funds provided by Canadian Science Publishing); plaque.  One (1) award for the best manuscript; discretion to the committee to assign an honourable mention.

Committee Composition

  • Chair: CJPS Weed Science Editor
  • Members: CWSS Publications Director; (1) CJPS Weed Science Associate Editor; (1) Western Canada member; and (1) Eastern Canada member.
  • Committee members must have experience evaluating/peer-reviewing manuscripts. Membership on the committee can include researchers (government, industry and university), provincial extension, and/or industry representatives.  Graduate students would not be appropriate as committee members.
  • Committee reviews all eligible manuscripts in September, prior to the annual November conference and submits to the Chair a list of their top 5 manuscripts that they feel are suitable for the award.
  • The chair will review the submissions from each committee member and compile these selections into a final top 5 list highlighting the most commonly picked manuscripts. The list will then be distributed back to the committee for final review and a ranking vote.
  • At the discretion of the chair a conference call may be held to discuss the rankings if there is not a clear consensus on the best paper.
  • Each committee member will have a vote, including the chair.

Criteria/Eligibility for award

  • In order for a manuscript to be considered for this award it must be accepted and “in press” within the September to September calendar year between committee meetings.
  • The manuscript must be published in the Weed Science section of the journal.
  • No requirement for authors to be CWSS members.
  • No restrictions on the same author/authors winning the award in successive years.
  • Manuscripts in the format of full research papers, and reviews will be considered.
  • Manuscripts are judged on the relevance of the topic to Canadian Weed Science; novelty of research/topic; quality of writing; etc.
  • Decisions on winners are made by consensus committee vote.
  • The committee may recommend that no award be given for a calendar year if there is consensus feeling that none of the published manuscripts are worthy of receipt.

Please send completed nomination packages to:

Dr. Leonardo Galindo González