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2019 Annual Meeting

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The Canadian Weed Science Society/Société canadienne de malherbologie (CWSS-SCM) is made up of professionals from university, government, and industry who specialize in research, teaching, extension, and regulation of weed-related topics.

The goals of CWSS-SCM are to:

  • Be the Canadian scientific authority representing professionals working in weed science
  • Expand the CWSS-SCM network of members and partners
  • Ensure good governance

Recent News

Registration for the 2019 CWSS-SCM Annual meeting is now OPEN!

Register at:

  • Please be advised that the CWSS-SCM has changed our formal registered address with Corporations Canada to the following:

6000 C&E Trail
Lacombe, AB
T4L 1W1

Please feel free to update your records and use this address for sending any formal communication to the society.

Latest Newsletter – Winter 2019

Latest Newsletter