Biology of Canadian Weeds

In 1972 the Canadian Journal of Plant Science announced a new series of peer reviewed articles on the biology of plants that are weedy in Canada. The series, The Biology of Canadian Weeds, resulted from a recommendation by the Canada Weed Committee, an early predecessor of the Canadian Weed Science Society. The purpose is to bring together published and unpublished information on the biology of Canadian weeds in a review format. As an overview of taxonomy/identification, ecology and human-plant interactions, these accounts were intended to provide detailed biological information (including sources), be utilized as a basis for effective, economical and safe control methods and to assist in meeting the information needs of regulatory agencies in Canada. It was also hoped that the series would identify knowledge deficiencies and stimulate further research on the biology of economically important Canadian weeds.

Since the series began there have been more than 140 accounts published on more than 185 species, as well as major updates to five accounts where significant additional information has become available. The value of the series to those interested in weed science as well as plant ecology has been widely recognized and in 1979 Agriculture Canada (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) published the first compilation volume containing the first 32 accounts. As of 2010, four subsequent compilation volumes have been published, collating all the accounts up to number 129 (including the three updates).

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