CWSS-SCM Fellow Award

Year Winner
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Tom Wolf
2018 Linda Hall
2017 Hugh Beckie
2016 Eric Johnson
2014 Diane Lyse Benoit
2013 K. Neil Harker
2012 Robert Blackshaw
Peter Sikkema
2011 Anne Légère
2010 Suzanne Warwick
2009 John O’Donovan
2008 Clarence Swanton
Mahesh Upadhyaya
Frederick Holm
Gordon Thomas
Gerald Stephenson
2007 Jerry Ivany
Susan Weaver
Allan Hamill
Paul Cavers

CWSS-SCM Outstanding Industry Member

Year Winner
2021 Mitchell Long, FMC Canada
2020 Adam Pfeffer, Bayer CropScience
2019 Jamshid Ashigh, Corteva
2018 Rory Degenhardt, Corteva
2017 Allan Kaastra, Bayer CropScience
2016 Al McFadden, Dow Agrosciences
2015 Mark Lawton, Monsanto
2011 Brian Legassicke, Monsanto
2010 Bill Summers, E.I. DuPont
2008 Don Hare, Dow Agrosciences
2008 Lyle Drew, BASF Canada
2005 Luc Bourgeois, Bayer CropScience
2003 Bill McGregor, Dow AgroSciences
2002 Bryan Bowden, Bayer Crop Science
2001 Denise Maurice, Westco
2000 William Hamman, Monsanto

Corteva Excellence in Weed Science Award

Year Winner
2021 Scott White
2020 François Tardif
2019 not awarded
2018 Robert Nurse
2017 Steve Shirtliffe
2016 Robert Gulden
2015 Stephen Darbyshire
2014 David Clements
2013 Darren Robinson
2012 Nader Soltani
2011 Diane Lyse Benoit
2010 Eric Johnson
2009 Linda Hall
2008 Anne Légère
2007 Suzanne Warwick
2006 Peter Sikkema
2005 Hugh Beckie
2004 Mahesh Upadhyaya
2003 Rene Van Acker
2001 James Moyer
2000 Neil Harker
1999 Robert Blackshaw
1998 Gordon Thomas
1997 Clarence Swanton
1995 Frederick Holm (West)
1994 Gerald Stephenson (East)
John O’Donovan (West)
1993 R. Grover (East)
1992 Ken Kirkland (West)
Jerry Ivany (East)
1991 Al Hamill (East)
Lloyd Darwent (West)
1990 Jack Alex (East)
Ian Morrison (West)
1989 George Friesen (West)
1988 Paul Chow (West)
1987 William Vanden Born (West)
1986 R. Ashford (West)

Valent Canada Excellence In Weed Extension Award

Year Winner
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Angela Gourd
2019 David Ralph
2018 Kristen Obeid
2017 not awarded
2016 Peter Sikkema
2015 Danielle Bernier
2014 Tom Wolf
2013 Ken Sapsford
2009 Mike Cowbrough (in 2009 this award was sponsored by Viterra)

CWSS-SCM Meritorious Service Award

Year Winner
2021 Gavin Graham
2020 Frances Boddy
2019 Wendy Asbil
2018 Stephen Darbyshire
2017 Michael Downs
2016 Rory Degenhardt
2015 Ken Sapsford
2010 F.A. (Rick) Holm
2008 Daniel Cloutier

CWSS-SCM Outstanding Professional Staff Award

Year Winner
2021 Louis Molnar
2020 Brian Caldwell
2019 Christy Shropshire
2018 Peter Smith
2017 Gerald Stuber

Canadian Journal of Plant Science Outstanding Weed Science Paper Award

Year Authors Title
2021 A.T. Torbiak, R.E. Blackshaw, R.N. Brandt, B. Hamman, and C.M. Geddes Herbicide strategies for managing glyphosate-resistant and -susceptible Kochia (Bassia Scoparia) in spring wheat.
2020 E.R. Page, S. Meloche, B. McMurray, and M. Laforest Refuge facilitates the preservation and accumulation of herbicide resistance traits in Conyza canadensis
2019 E.G. Smith, K.N. Harker, J.T. O’Donovan, T.K. Turkington, R.E. Blackshaw, N.Z. Lupwayi, E.N. Johnson, D. Pageau, S.J. Shirtliffe, R.H. Gulden, L.M. Hall, and C.J. Willenborg The profitability of diverse crop rotations and other cultural methods that reduce wild oat (Avena fatua)
2018 M-J Simard, M. Laforest, B. Soufiane, D.L. Benoit, and F.J. Tardif Linuron-resistant common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) populations in Québec carrot fields: presence and distribution of target site and non-target site resistant biotypes.
2017 N.R. Burton, H.J. Beckie, C.J. Willenborg, S.J. Shirtliffe, J.J. Schoenau, and E.N. Johnson Seed shatter of six economically important weed species in producer fields in Saskatchewan