Committee Contact Position
Executive Committee Marie-Josée Simard President and Chair
Harold Wright 1st Vice President
Gavin Graham 2nd Vice President
Allison Hayward Treasurer
Breanne Tidemann Secretary
Nominations François Tardif Chair
Jessica Weber Member at Large, West
Andrew McKenzie Gopsill Member at Large, East
Finance Allison Hayward Chair
Website Robert Nurse Chair
Communication Tasha Valente Chair
Robert Nurse Webmaster and Publications
Colleen Redlick Sponsorship
William Kramer Graduate Student
Rory Degenhardt Past President
Wendy Asbil Membership
Reports and Publicaitons Robert Nurse Chair
Resolutions Jessica Weber Chair
Andrew McKenzie Gopsill Member at Large, East
Biology of Canadian Weeds Robert Nurse Chair
Darren Robinson Associate Editor
David Clements Member
Scholarships and Awards Charles Geddes Chair
William May Member
Darren Robinson Member
Membership, History and Archives Wendy Asbil Chair
François Tardif Past President
William Kramer Graduate Student
Brent Wright Industry
Gavin Graham Extension
William May Research
Steve Shirtliffe Academia