Dr. Jesper Rasmussen

Dr. Jesper Rasmussen is an Associate Professor with the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Jesper has worked with research and teaching at the university level since 1982 within a number of subjects related to arable farming with special emphasis on organic agriculture.  Dr. Rasmussen is well recognized for his research on mechanical weed control.  He is trained as a weed scientist but also works on conservation tillage, grasslands, and cultivars adapted to organic agriculture.  In 2013, he initiated work on UAV imagery with focus on site-specific weed management and phenotyping. In 2016, his research team were able to implement pre-harvest control of perennial weeds in cereals based on maps generated from UAV images. Jesper’s main approach to UAV imaging is that farmers should capture images locally and that all work operations from mission planning to the generation of the application map should be done within 3-6 minutes per hectare to make UAV imagery cost-effective.



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