Dennis Prouse

Dennis Prouse is Vice President, Government Affairs at CropLife Canada, communicating the vision of CropLife Canada to elected officials, political staff, and senior public servants at all levels of government. Dennis also maintains a strong network of relations with CropLife Canada’s stakeholder groups, exchanging information and ensuring coordinated action on legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives. Dennis has 30 years of experience in government relations and public affairs. He was a senior executive for a major national trade association, and was an executive for a large public affairs consultant group. Dennis spent five years working on Parliament Hill, including three years in the Prime Minister’s Office. Dennis served on the Board of Directors of the Government Relations Institute of Canada for six years. He has also been recognized for six years on The Hill Times annual list of the Top 100 Lobbyists in Ottawa.

Title: The politics of pesticides


Over the last number of years, the subject of pesticide use in all developed nations has become highly emotional, and thus very political.  These controversies are fanned even more by the collapse of traditional media and the rise of social media.  This in turn has worked to facilitate the growth of junk science, fanning public fears and making debate around sound science even more difficult.  Through this environment, CropLife Canada, the national association for Canada’s plant science sector, has been on the front lines working to secure public policy based on sound science, and communicating the industry’s message.  Dennis Prouse, Vice President Government Affairs of CropLife Canada, will discuss how the politics of pesticides have evolved, what the current hot issues are facing the industry and its stakeholders, and how CropLife Canada is working to find success in advocating for its members in a difficult, rapidly changing political climate.

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