Adrienne Ivey

Adrienne Ivey is passionate about agriculture, and is dedicated to sharing her farm stories with consumers as well as inspiring other agriculture enthusiasts to do the same. Her love of agriculture began as a young girl, growing up on a grain farm in North East Saskatchewan. She now farms and ranches with her husband and children near Ituna, Sk. Following her decision to leave corporate agriculture to be on the farm full time, Adrienne discovered her love of communicating with consumers. She could see the honest questions that people had about modern food production, and through social media, as well as her blog, View From The Ranch Porch, she made it her mission to answer as many of those questions as possible. Through unique opportunities such as a TEDx talk, or attending the McDonald’s World Convention, Adrienne is connecting with everyday people, helping drive change in food perceptions. For her communications work, she was awarded the Food and Farming Champion Award in 2017 by Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan. In 2014, Adrienne and her husband, Aaron, were named Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers. Their farm currently encompasses a cow/calf herd, a feedlot as well as a grain farm.

Title: Connecting, engaging, translating: How to bridge the gap between modern agriculture and consumers


In a highly polarized world, the gap between modern food production and the people making food purchasing decisions is ever widening.  From glyphosate to GMOs to beef’s environmental footprint – misinformation travels far faster than the less glamorous truth.  Fear sells and marketers have no shame in selling a false narrative.  Consumers don’t know who to trust when it comes to the food they put into their bodies.  It is up to agriculture to step forward and create change in how these food conversations are happening.  Both farmers and agricultural professionals tend to think and communicate very differently than the general public.  While we focus on science, numbers and data – the rest of the world is making decisions based on emotions, gut feelings, and the fear of the unknown.  Information is abundant in the web-based world, so how do we fight through the clutter?  How do we gain the attention of the public and hold onto their trust?  How do we take Agriculture’s powerful message and translate it into a story that will change minds and create change?  Adrienne Ivey will share her successes as well as her failures in sharing the story of agriculture with the world.

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