Lienna Hoeg

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Lienna obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2019. She is now an MSc in Agriculture Candidate, with a focus on Vegetation Management from Dalhousie University. Her project focuses on the development of phenological models and management strategies for narrow leaf goldenrod in lowbush blueberry fields. Previous to working with the Christmas Tree Council, Lienna has worked as a Silviculture Assistant and Forest Resource Worker. She has also held numerous positions as a Research Assistant, working with vegetation management, aphid research, and native pollinator research. In 2021, she obtained her Articling Agrologist designation as well as a Certificate in Nutrient Management Planning. Lienna also holds a Pesticide Applicators License and Good Agriculture Collection Practices Certificate.

Abstract: Lienna’s project will focus on narrow leaf goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia L.), which is a creeping herbaceous perennial found in lowbush blueberry fields (Hall, 1959; McCully et al. 1991; Lyu et al. in press). In the mid-1980’s a weed survey of lowbush blueberry fields across Nova Scotia found that goldenrod species were present in 40% of the 115 fields surveyed (McCully et al., 1991). In more recent years, another weed survey indicated the occurrence of narrow leaf goldenrod in more than 80% of fields surveyed and reduced occurrence of other goldenrod species (Lyu et al. in press). Farooq (2018) concluded that sequential herbicide treatments of mesotrione applied post-emergence at 14, 21, and 28 days apart provided adequate control of narrow leaf goldenrod. This treatment, however, remains unregistered for use in lowbush blueberry. In addition, there is limited knowledge of the general phenology and emergence patterns exhibited by narrow leaf goldenrod in lowbush blueberry fields, and little knowledge of the seed bank dynamics or extent and occurrence of seedling recruitment of this weed species in lowbush blueberry fields. Further research is needed to identify alternative herbicide applications and investigate the phenology and seed dynamics of narrow leaf goldenrod. The overall objectives of this study are to explore alternative management strategies for narrow leaf goldenrod and to develop predictive models for narrow leaf goldenrod phenological development.

Supervisor Name: Dr. Scott N. White

Affiliation: Dalhousie University