Tyler Jollimore

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Tyler Jollimore is an M.Sc. student at Dalhousie faculty of agriculture. Tyler has used the information and experiences garnered from his M.Sc. experiences to create Knotweed et al., an invasive plant control company in Nova Scotia.

Abstract: Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a physically challenging weed species to manage due to its size (2.5 – 3 m in height), the large areas can occupy, and the difficulty in estimating the cost of management due to the lack of literature on small scale management efforts. Therefore, several case studies were undertaken from 2018 thru 2021 to evaluate the cost, difficulty, and efficacy budgeted management plans. Advertising was conducted on Facebook and Instagram to seek out clients interested in management of knotweed on their personal property. Of the 36 cases taken on, two cases that began in 2018 (Disbrowe and Finnigan) were selected for discussion. Management consisted of cutting at peak height to gain access to the canopy and to scout for hazards. Spot applications of Roundup Concentrate (domestic – 7 g a.e. L-1 H2O) were applied to standing knotweed canopy at peak height and regrowth in the fall. Follow up treatments were conducted to treat any knotweed regrowth in the following growing season(s). After two seasons of herbicide applications, knotweed was scantly visible, line of site through the affected areas was improved, and clients indicated they were satisfied with the outcome. The total of invoices for each client did not exceed 25% of the estimated cost (~ $750 per project), or $1.70 CAD m-1 of knotweed. While this model can successfully cover costs and achieve desired outcomes. Additional modifications may be required for scaling of these strategies for widespread efforts and to ensure long term financial stability.

Supervisor Name: Dr. Scott N. White

Affiliation: Dalhousie University